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Math Facts Matter - Fact fluency at its best!

Teachers will be amazed with the immediate gains in student fact recall when they implement scientifically based methods. Your students will learn math facts effortlessly with the Math Facts Matter web-based software. This fun and easy method of providing fluency uses arcade games to motivate students to practice, even from home.

Teachers will also appreciate the full and robust version of the reporting system. With a press of a button teachers can print a list of the ten most troubling facts for each student. It is much more effective to write individualized trouble facts ten times each than to write facts students already know or facts they are not ready to practice. Introduce success with algebra by delivering math facts in algebraic and pre-algebraic mode.  Learn more. . .


Kid's College - Effective, easy direct instruction individualized.

Kid's College® is aligned to state and national standards and provides direct instruction for each student with its patented STRIDE system.  The built-in assessments in Kid's College® make it easy for teachers to evaluate student performance to prepare their students before they take standardized tests. 

Call 800-580-2479 for a FREE on-grade, state aligned assessment.  Teachers/administrators will receive results via e-mail.  Try Kid's College now!

STAR Sportsmanship - CHARACTER EDUCATION at its best.

STAR Sportsmanship® is character education at its best for elementary, intermediate, junior high and high school students.  Use sports to teach students, both players and fans, how to treat each other with respect.  It is also highly effective with parents and coaches.  Learn more




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Fact fluency at its best!

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STAR Sportsmanship
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