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Cottonwood teacher



September 24, 2009


Dear Mr. Hutchings,

Cottonwood School acquired Kid's College through an agreement with you last school year and implemented it when school began this year.  Our kids expressed their love and enjoyment for the program so often that I had them write a letter to let you know how they felt about Kid's College.  Actually, this is true for our whole school.  Students literally beg to use Kid's College on a consistently, daily  basis.  I hope you enjoy the letters and we thank you for your novel educational program.


Georgiana Looney

Cottonwood Second Grade


PS.  I had a parent donate the funds for Matter of Facts last year for my classroom and it was a remarkable asset to the improved fluency and accuracy knowledge of my student's math facts.  I am working on trying to acquire the funds once more for my present class.  Hope to call you about this soon.