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Fast Fact Fluency

Teachers in classrooms all over our nation are seeking a solution for the lack of fact fluency which is now epidemic. 

The lack of fact fluency has greatly contributed to the lack of computational fluency which many math teachers of upper grade levels view as one of their greatest obstacles to success in high rigor mathematics.

Finding the time to emphasize facts in the midst of an already consumed agenda is overwhelming. 

Helping students memorize their facts seems like a waste of time because so many are not getting it!  

Educators agree students need to memorize math facts, but...

  • I need good fact fluency teaching strategies?
  • Which facts should I teach?
  • Why should I give up class time to teach fact fluency?

As an educator assigned to increase math test scores, Kathy Robinson discovered teaching students to store math facts in long-term memory released working memory for problem solving.

All students receive a great benefit from knowing their facts, but students with learning disabilities are affected the most since thier need to preserve working memory is greater.

A solid knowledge of math facts will increase computational skills, improve classroom performance in mathematics and raise test scores!

As President & CEO of My Schoolware, Kathy Robinson has spent the bulk of her time and resources researching computational fluency. 

Fact fluency is only the intro to computational fluency, but it is the gate keeper to computational fluency.

Based upon research and practical experience, Ms. Robinson has developed products and teacher tips & tricks that make fact fluency possible for today's learner without taxing today's classroom already burdened by an over-full agenda and an overwhelmed teacher.

The mathematical success of your students depends upon acquiring computational fluency during their formative years.  Let the team of researchers and developers from My Schoolware share the latest research and proven methods with you and your faculty.




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